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About Me



I have always had a love for sweets and desserts. My Mom was a wonderful cook and baker, and as a young mother, I spent time creating and perfecting my own recipes. After much prodding from friends and neighbors, I began to supply restaurant accounts with my cakes and pies. What began thirty years ago as "Room for Dessert" and a dozen Caramel Brownies for the Village Grill, quickly blossomed into a busy, full-fledged dessert and catering business. We operated a storefront in East Rochester, and supplied wedding cakes, pastries, specialty cakes and desserts, lunches, and catering for auctions, celebrations and business functions. We enjoyed participating in the annual Chocolate Ball competition and brought home Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for our efforts. It was gratifying to see my "baby" grow into a successful business! Eventually I rejoined the Corporate world and brought so much of what I learned from start-up and growth of our business to my new job in Sales. It's amazing how life's lessons can apply in almost any situation. Biggest lesson: Do what you love and love what you do. That brings me to  the present, and the rebirth of Room for Dessert. Happily, I will be baking my favorite and most popular recipes, for Cookies, Gourmet Brownies, Mini Pastries, and Pies. All baked goods are made to order. So if you cringe when asked to "bring dessert" to a gathering- or you feel overwhelmed with the Holidays fast approaching - or if you just don't have time to haul out the mixer- place your order with Room for Dessert!

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